yaya vitamin d for children in dubai

We all know How important to let kids start off with a healthy lifestyle. Don’t Despair. YaYa Vitamins is coming with 7 new formulas will find you the solution

You’ll enjoy peace of mind from knowing that you’re giving your patients


Market leader for the past last Years


Gelatin/Glutin free/No preservatives


60 Tasty Fruit flavored Gummies

Number one prescribed vitamins in UAE


Made in Canada

Best Multivitamin in Dubai

YAYA Vitamins Formulas

Ideal balance of Vitamins to maintain overall wellbeing

YaYa multivitamins minerals dubai for children - YaYa multi+

YAYA Multi+ Minerals

Yaya Multi +Minerals with 9 vitamins and 7 minerals provides your child additional supply of Vitamins and minerals for a healthy well- being .

yaya omega 3 fish oil vitamin in dubai uae

YAYA Omega 3

Yaya omega 3 provides your child with essential Fish oil that helps build minds and bodies.

yaya vitamin D for children in Dubai UAE - vitamin D deficiency in dubai uae

YaYa Vitamin D

provides your child with essential Vitamin Dfor the absorption of calcium to maintain in the skeletalmatrix.

YaYa Multi Vitamins in Dubai for kids-children-toddlers

YAYA Multi

As part of a healthy and nutritious diet, YAYA Multi with 9 essential vitamins provides your child an ideal balance of Vitamins that helps maintain your child’s overall well- being and health

Yaya vitamin c for children in dubai - uae

YAYA Vitamin C

Yaya Vita- C provides your child with vitamin C plus ZINC to assist in the healthy development of gum and teeth. It also helps support your child’s immune system , helping fight viruses and infections such as cold and flu.

yaya calcium vitamin for children in dubai uae

YAYA Calcium

Yaya Calcium provides your child with Calcium plus vitamin D3, to assist in the healthy development of bone and teeth.

Yaya Fiber vitamin for children - toddlers and kids uae dubai

YAYA Fiber

provides your child good bowel functioning and helps to prevent constipation

Why to Prescribe YAYA Vitamins?

To Supplement the kids the easy way from Age 2.
Ensure that the patient's body is in good conditions of immunity
Delicious, nutritious, and good for kids
Important for kids to start health life
Different forms of characters
Followed by a medical team
Best Multivitamin in Dubai

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