Gelatin free Vitamins

Most consumable vitamins or vitamin capsules come coated with gelatin which most people do not think about it. Gelatin may cause allergic reactions for some people and especially when consumed by children and kids Although Gelatin is easy to digest and it is considered as an ideal vessel for encapsulating vitamins. Therefore it’s prudent to consult your healthcare provider or doctor before deciding on going with gelatin-coated vitamins.

Gelatin free vitamins are in high demand for many factors including health and age. There are some alternatives to gelatin consumed by vegetarian dieters which is pectin. Both Gelatin and Pectin are thickening agents used to make food products and to form children and toddlers vitamins.

The fact that many multivitamins pills or capsules have gelatin is a problem for several reasons among which are

  • Gelatin Is derived from animal products which is considered a problem for vegetarian dieters
  • Consuming gelatin interferes with some religious beliefs

Some people go for buying empty gelatin free capsules and then fill them with vitamin powders, herbs or anything else they would like to put to get gelatin free vitamins.

How to find gelatin free vitamins in Dubai

At yaya vitamins, you can find all sorts and kinds of gelatin free multivitamins and vitamins with a gummy texture that your kids will definitely like it instead of buying vitamin capsules. Yaya vitamins are made with pectin instead of gelatin to offer the taste your child likes without making the vitamin stick to your kid’s teeth.

gelatin free vitamins

YaYa gelatin free gummy bear vitamins are made with different minerals and vitamins inside of it so it’s an all in one solution. Check out the different products of yaya vitamins here.

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