What are YaYa Gummy Bear Vitamins ?

gummy Bears vitamins

Containing the essential vitamins and minerals, YAYA gummy Bears vitamins are the best choice for kids or children having difficulties in swallowing any other kinds of vitamins in other dosage form.

Gummy vitamins contain essential nutrients and vitamins, so mothers are in peace of mind that their kids are taking the required daily amount of Minerals and vitamins.

Gummy bears are such a type of fruity and natural vitamins, that are low in calories without any negative effect or impact on a kid’s health, in case taken properly.

The recommended daily dose is one to two gummies per day.

Yaya gummies do not contain the same number of vitamins and minerals, for instance, some come in form of multivitamins, the others made up of multivitamins and minerals, and so on.

YAYA vitamins available do not contain Iron as well.

Overall, YAYA Bear Gummies are the best Vitamins for children, kids or toddlers; available in all UAE and Dubai pharmacies, clinics and hospitals.

 For more information visit our website: yyvitamins.com

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