So it’s the back-to-school time and all of us know what it brings during its seasonal period. Germs, Bacteria and weather instabilities all of that would impact children’s and kids’ health so you would better prepare your children for the back-to-school time.

Stomach viruses, cold and flu, strep throat and more, all of these illnesses are dreadful and non of us want them including our children. Our immune system should be on standalone and ready to act mode.

The good news is there’re ways of daily healthy habits that we can adapt to our every day routine to foster and help our children’s immune system to function and fight invaders and prevent them from prospering in our bodies.

  • Stop refined sugar:

During the back-to-school time, it’s best practice for kids health to stop refined sugar. Pasta, pancake and even dried fruit can negatively impact our immune system’s ability to fight cold, flu, bacteria, viruses and germs by as low as 20%.Replace refined sugars with natural whole real organic fruits as an example for better alternative.

  • Go to bed earlier than usual:

With better sleep comes better immune system not only for children but for adults as well. Going to bed one or half an hour earlier will prepare your body and wind down your cells for better deep sleep. 

  • Don’t forget Vitamins: 

Vitamins have direct impact on the immune system capabilities for both children and adults. Make sure you feed your children with the proper vitamins and multivitamins. YaYa vitamins have the proper assortment and collection of Vitamins for kids and children. Be sure to check them out.

Check out Yaya Vitamin C provides your child with vitamin C plus ZINC to assist in the healthy development of gum and teeth. It also helps support your child’s immune system , helping fight viruses and infections such as cold and flu.

Yaya vitamin c for children in dubai - uae

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