Healthy and delicious multivitamins for kids in UAE | Dubai from YaYa Vitamins 

Research shows that children require a range of vitamins and minerals to ensure a healthy development of their immune system and overall growth, and to support emotional and mental well-being. However, ensuring your little one gets their nutrients from food  and can prove to be a challenge sometimes, which in turn leads to them losing out on some important nutrients that are essential for their overall physical and mental development.

Formulated to nourish growing bodies, YaYa Multivitamins uae, the market leader in delicious Gelatin and Gluten free gummy vitamins, helps in providing your child with an ideal balance of vitamins to maintain their overall wellbeing by filling in the nutritional gaps. Flavoured with real fruit juices, these vitamins come in the form of chewable animal shaped gums that are free from preservatives, artificial colours, gelatin, egg, milk, soy, peanuts and tree nuts. These Multi-vitamins from YaYa not only help in replenishing body tissue but also build resistance to infections by boosting your child’s immunity.

Ideal for children aged two and above, YaYa helps your child look forward to taking vitamins and reassures parents their kids are getting the nutrients they need in a fun form. Each tamper proof bottle of YaYa Multi contains 60 vitamins, which is sufficient for a one-month supply. YaYa Multi are available at all leading pharmacies across the UAE | Dubai and are priced from AED 62.  

See a Kid reaction while testing and trying Yaya Multivitamins

YaYa Multivitamins uae

YaYa Vitamins are a range of children’s vitamins made from real fruit juices. Gluten-free, they come in animal shapes to encourage children to take their daily requirement of vitamins. There are four vitamin types in the current range: Multi+ minerals, Multi, Vita-C, Omega 3 and Calcium/Vit D3. Yaya Vitamins are available at leading pharmacies across the UAE and are priced from AED 59. Visit: or for more information.

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