MultiVitamin in Dubai for Children, Kids and Toddlers

All doctors, physicians and qualified medical practitioners ascertain the importance of vitamins to the vitality of our living and it’s proven that without no contest, food are the primary source of vitamins or multivitamins and minerals, for example vitamin B12 – the most common supplement on the market, which is substantial for red blood cell formation – can be found in sufficient amounts in a most commonly used foods like eggs.

But sometimes especially those of us who raise children, need to go for additional options like taking and using supplements and pills particularly for kids.

Moreover, The human body does not naturally produce MultiVitamin – they need to be ingested in one way or another. There are 13 known types, which can be fat-soluble (vitamins A, D, E and K) or water-­soluble (all the Bs and vitamin C). Other factors such as The presence of Genetically modified food, the genetics of each person and quality of life – as well as other continuously  changing  conditions such as pregnancy, aging and immunity levels – there may be a deficiency, of one kind or another, that needs to be looked at. In the case of children and kids, those factors come as a sufficient cause to go for supplements, pills or gummy vitamins.

For adults, Multivitamin pills are the most commonly consumed supplements. And it is believed that vitamins are best taken in this form, rather than as stand-alone drugs. “A general rule of thumb when it comes to ingesting pills is, the fewer, the better. So consult your doctor to determine the appropriate amount of pills to be taken daily.

For children, pediatricians recommend a daily multivitamin or mineral supplement for these cases

  • Kids who aren’t eating regular, well-nourished meals made from whole foods.
  • Children who simply do not eat enough.
  • Toddlers with chronic medical conditions such as asthma or digestive problems, especially if they’re taking medications.
  • Kids eating a lot of fast food, convenience food, and processed food
  • Kids who drink a lot of carbonated sodas or soft drinks, which can filtrate vitamins and minerals from their bodies

multivitamin in dubai

There’re quite good options on the market that suit children’s taste. Some options are Chewable vitamins and gummy vitamins. Gummy bears are such a type of fruity and natural vitamins, that are low in calories without any negative effect or impact on a kid’s health, in case taken properly. YAYA Bear Gummies are the best source of Vitamins and multivitamin in Dubai for children, kids or toddlers ; available in all UAE and Dubai pharmacies, clinics and hospitals. YaYa gummy vitamins have variety of nutrients and dense minerals in different flavors.

See this beautiful kid’s reaction while tasting and savouring yaya multivitamin mineral +

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