omega 3 fish oil dubai  Yaya omega 3 fish oil vitamins in Dubai provides your child with essential Fish oil that helps build minds and bodies.

Omega 3 is a New concept in Brain Development that:

-Improve visual/cognitive acuity.

-Combat ADHD, Alzheimer & Depression diseases.

-Improve growth and brain development

-Omega 3 reduces the risk of inflammation in asthmatic patients

-Ensure adequate Omega 3 (DHA) storage.

Fish oil improves behavior issues in children 8-16 YO.

omega 3 fish oil dubaiThe omega 3 Fatty acid and DHA, found in fish oil supplements are absolutely critical to optimal brain function.

Lack of omega 3 in food diet, leads to impairment in brain function and plays a major role in attention deficit disorder, depression and other psychological disturbances in both, children and adults.

Studies have shown that the omega 3 content in cell membranes, influences neurotransmitter directly in the brain, thus influencing neurotransmitter synthesis, signal transmission and serotonin uptake as well as other neurotransmitter like epinephrine, dopamine, and Norepinephrine.

Taking YaYa Omega 3 fish oil vitamins every day could help children who have poor reading skills

According to the latest medical research, it has been proven that children with poor reading skills could have their performance boosted by taking daily supplements of Omega 3 fatty acids found in seafood and certain types of algae. The study also found out that upon taking the fish oil supplements for just three weeks, children with very poor reading skills showed a 20% improvement in their ability to read and exhibited fewer behavioral problems.

Knowing this essentiality of fatty acids in your children’s diet, YaYa Vitamins, the market leader in gummy vitamins, have developed their own range of Omega 3 supplements that are targeted to build healthy minds and bodies. The YaYa Omega 3 range of vitamins, are not only gelatin and gluten-free, but are also flavored with real fruit juices and come in the form of chewable animal shaped gums. Free from preservatives, artificial colors, gelatin, egg, milk, soy, peanuts and tree nuts, these vitamin supplements are ideal for children aged two and above.

Each tamper proof bottle of YaYa Vitamins contains 60 vitamins, that is sufficient for one-month supply and is priced from AED 59.  Yaya helps your child look forward to taking vitamins and reassures parents their kids are getting the nutrients they need, in a fun form.


YaYa Vitamins are available across all leading pharmacies in the UAE

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