yaya vitamin c fiber vitamins in dubai uae

YAYA Vitamins Formulas Provide Ideal balance of  Gluten Gelatin free gummy vitamins and Multivitamins to maintain overall well being. YaYa Vitamins is coming with 7 new formulas will find you the solution for your children, toddlers and kids.

YAYA Multi+ Minerals:  Yaya Multi + Minerals with 9 vitamins and 7 minerals provides your child additional supply of Vitamins and minerals for a healthy well- being . 

YAYA Multivitamin Minerals - vitamins for children

YAYA Multi: As part of a healthy and nutritious diet, YAYA Multi with 9 essential vitamins provides your child an ideal balance of Vitamins that helps maintain your child’s overall well- being and health.

YAYA Multi - multivitamins for toddlers

YAYA Omega 3:  Yaya omega 3 Fish oil Vitamin provides your child with essential Fish oil that helps build minds and bodies.

yaya omega 3 fish oil vitamins

YAYA Vitamin D:  YaYa Vitamin D provides your child with essential Vitamin D for the absorption of calcium to maintain in the skeletalmatrix.vitamin D supplement for children in dubai - uae

YAYA Vita C: Yaya Vitamin C provides your child with vitamin C plus ZINC to assist in the healthy development of gum and teeth. It also helps support your child’s immune system , helping fight viruses and infections such as cold and flu.

vitamin c in Dubai - yaya multivitamins for children

YAYA Calcium: Yaya Calcium provides your child with Calcium plus vitamin D3, to assist in the healthy development of bone and teeth.

yaya calcium vitamin in dubai

YAYA Fiber: Yaya Fiber provides your child good bowel functioning and helps to prevent constipation

Yaya fiber vitamin supplement for children toddlers and kids

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