Vitamins for Children

Vitamins come in different and various forms, the main of which are capsules but with the advancements in the health industry.

Many forms are introduced like supplements, soft gels, Gummy, lozenges and even chewable vitamins. Others, require Doctors consultation before prescription which then used to speed up vitamin absorption by the blood.

Capsules vs chewable Vitamins

Both capsules and chewable Vitamins are designed for better and more quick absorption by the body in general and blood in particular, However there are some characteristics that make them different. Capsules easily swallowed and are broken down easily in the stomach. All Star Health suggests that this may not be the best way for nutrient supply, because there is a greater chance your body will excrete the unused when absorption occurs quickly. Chewable Vitamins are good option for people who cannot take capsules or tablets. They usually come pre-loaded with sugar to make it easier to chew in addition to distinct coloring schemes, because they are mostly targeted to children or kids. Chewable or Gummy vitamins for children come with low potency.

How to choose the best option?

The judgment of whether choosing capsules over vitamins or vice versa depends on the user, be it an adult or a child. For adults, capsules are usually a better way of receiving the daily dose of vitamins. Chewable or Gummy multivitamins are better used by toddlers or kids, who may not like taking capsules due to their medical traits like smell and other problems that may arise during swallowing. while Chewable gummies contain lesser dosage of vitamins, they might not be the most effective solution for adults seeking sufficient nutrition.

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